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About The Football Cube

Mission Statement

The goal if this site is to be the best collection of football stats and their fantasy ramifications on the web. We will cover first and foremost the NFL but will also cover the other professional leagues like the CFL (Canadian Football league) and UFL (United Football League) and defunct leagues like the Arena Football League, NFL Europe and the WFL, but also how they got to the pros by covering the NCAA (FBS and FCS, for now) and the CIS (Canadian universities). We will not prognosticate or provide odds and/or spreads, just hardcore stats with some on our own twists on the numbers including a stats machine for your fantasy pools. The site will concentrate on the last 10 years for now but we will add data to cover the modern football era.


Picture the mid 80s, the fat kid with glasses, braces, pimples and his "Disco Rules" t-shirt. I used to beat that kid senseless on a daily basis, well, not really, I was that kid.

In May of 1987 the athletic committee of the senior high school I would be attending in September came to recruit football players. Being the biggest kid in grade 9 (I wasn't the fattest but was taller than the other fat kids), they came and asked me to play football for them but I had no real interest in playing because it would cut into my D&D time. My buddies convinced me and we joined the team together, I didn't even know they liked football because we never talked sports. I asked my buddies which team they liked and they both said Dallas so being the ass that I am, I looked into who the Cowboys arch enemy was and became a Washington Redskins fan just to piss them off. To seal the deal the Skins won the super bowl that year after being down 10-0 to the Broncos (my brothers team) after the first, they busted 35 pts in the second to win the game 42-10 and had Doug Williams become the first African American QB to win a Super Bowl, and the rest as they say, is history. So after 2 years of football and 2 years of rugby I had to hang up my cleats cause my broken body couldn't haul my fat ass around anymore. So you know what they say about those that can't: they build websites... I decided to build this site with Gary because there is no single site out there that satisfied all of my pool needs, I play at least one of just about every type of fantasy football pool out there yearly, and had to jump from site to site to gather the weekly info required. Therefore I created this one stop shop for all fantasy needs, if you can't find something on my site that would help you with your pools, you don't need it.


Picture the mid 80s. A skin and bones kid with wild hair with his left hand perpetually hidden inside a baseball glove, a tennis ball in his right hand and a Montreal Expos hat welded to his head. When other kids were discovering girls, alcohol and parties, this kid was discovering baseball cards, strat-o-matic and Bill James.

With an addiction to baseball and an uncontrollable urge to keep track of everything, I grew up making sure that every single moment was dedicated to the sport I loved. Life was my opportunity cost. But growing up a baseball nerd paid off in the end as I parlayed my addiction into The Baseball Cube and from there, using the same principles applied to TBC, I'm now proud to be a part of The Football Cube. I played football in High School and dislocated my pinky finger on my very first attempted tackle. I was a 6-2 150 defensive back with good hands, average speed and difficulty tackling anything in motion. I never developed an addiction to football and I'm a casual fan at best but my contribution to The Football Cube is in the organization of data and my ability to program just about anything into a web page. Using Mark's addiction to fantasy football as the driver, we're trying to provide a longitudinal look at a player's career by merging their college and pro stats together (not available anywhere on the web) with the necessary fantasy analysis to help make decisions in all types of fantasy leagues. We know there are hundreds of football sites on the web and our goal is to create features that you cannot not only not find anywhere else but that you actually need.

Sorry ladies but as tempting as we both sound, we are both signed to long-term contracts with our respective wives and each have 2 little girls.

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