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Fantasy Football Points - Overall

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1.Arian FosterXHOU2010RB360.0Att: 327Yds: 1616TD: 16Fum: 3Rec: 66Yds: 604TD: 2Fum: 0
2.Michael VickXPHI2010QB296.2C/A: 233/372Yds: 3018TD: 21Int: 6Att: 100Yds: 676TD: 9Fum: 4
3.Aaron RodgersXGB2010QB289.3C/A: 312/475Yds: 3922TD: 28Int: 11Att: 64Yds: 356TD: 4Fum: 2
4.Tom BradyXNE2010QB278.0C/A: 324/492Yds: 3900TD: 36Int: 4Att: 31Yds: 30TD: 1Fum: 1
5.Peyton ManningXIND2010QB272.5C/A: 450/679Yds: 4700TD: 33Int: 17Att: 18Yds: 18TD: 0Fum: 1
6.Pittsburgh SteelersXPIT2010DST267.0Solo:767Asst:289Sck:48Sfty:0Pdef:87Int:21TD:3FF:24
7.Peyton HillisXCLE2010FB266.3Att: 270Yds: 1177TD: 11Fum: 8Rec: 61Yds: 477TD: 2Fum: 0
8.Philip RiversXSD2010QB266.2C/A: 357/541Yds: 4710TD: 30Int: 13Att: 29Yds: 52TD: 0Fum: 3
9.Drew BreesXNO2010QB264.9C/A: 448/658Yds: 4620TD: 33Int: 22Att: 18Yds: -3TD: 0Fum: 0
10.Jamaal CharlesXKC2010RB261.0Att: 230Yds: 1467TD: 5Fum: 2Rec: 45Yds: 468TD: 3Fum: 1
11.Green Bay PackersXGB2010DST261.0Solo:780Asst:222Sck:47Sfty:0Pdef:105Int:24TD:4FF:15
12.Adrian PetersonXMIN2010RB258.9Att: 283Yds: 1298TD: 12Fum: 1Rec: 36Yds: 341TD: 1Fum: 0
13.LeSean McCoyXPHI2010RB258.2Att: 207Yds: 1080TD: 7Fum: 1Rec: 78Yds: 592TD: 2Fum: 1
14.Roddy WhiteXATL2010WR255.7Rec: 115Yds: 1389TD: 10Fum: 1Att: 1Yds: 3TD: 0Fum: 0
15.New York GiantsXNYG2010DST252.0Solo:805Asst:255Sck:45Sfty:0Pdef:70Int:16TD:0FF:34
16.Chris JohnsonXTEN2010RB251.9Att: 316Yds: 1364TD: 11Fum: 2Rec: 44Yds: 245TD: 1Fum: 1
17.Brandon LloydXDEN2010WR247.5Rec: 77Yds: 1448TD: 11Fum: 0Att: 1Yds: -18TD: 0Fum: 0
18.New England PatriotsXNE2010DST247.0Solo:836Asst:292Sck:34.5Sfty:0Pdef:85Int:25TD:5FF:11
19.Darren McFaddenXOAK2010RB245.9Att: 223Yds: 1157TD: 7Fum: 3Rec: 47Yds: 507TD: 3Fum: 1
20.Ray RiceXBAL2010RB245.1Att: 307Yds: 1220TD: 5Fum: 0Rec: 63Yds: 556TD: 1Fum: 0
21.Josh FreemanXTB2010QB243.4C/A: 291/474Yds: 3451TD: 25Int: 6Att: 68Yds: 364TD: 0Fum: 2
22.Sebastian JanikowskiXOAK2010K243.0FG:33/410-19:0/020-29:8/830-39:13/1440-49:8/1250+:4/7XP:43/43FFP: 243
23.Dwayne BoweXKC2010WR241.6Rec: 72Yds: 1162TD: 15Fum: 1Att: 1Yds: 4TD: 0Fum: 0
24.Oakland RaidersXOAK2010DST239.0Solo:758Asst:210Sck:47Sfty:2Pdef:61Int:12TD:3FF:15
25.Matt ForteXCHI2010RB238.1Att: 237Yds: 1069TD: 6Fum: 0Rec: 51Yds: 547TD: 3Fum: 3
26.Matt RyanXATL2010QB237.7C/A: 357/571Yds: 3705TD: 28Int: 9Att: 46Yds: 122TD: 0Fum: 1
27.Eli ManningXNYG2010QB237.4C/A: 339/539Yds: 4002TD: 31Int: 25Att: 32Yds: 70TD: 0Fum: 2
28.New York JetsXNYJ2010DST236.0Solo:732Asst:204Sck:40Sfty:2Pdef:63Int:12TD:3FF:16
29.Greg JenningsXGB2010WR234.4Rec: 76Yds: 1265TD: 12Fum: 2Att: 1Yds: -1TD: 0Fum: 0
30.Detroit LionsXDET2010DST234.0Solo:770Asst:267Sck:43Sfty:0Pdef:54Int:14TD:3FF:21
31.David AkersXPHI2010K232.0FG:32/380-19:0/020-29:12/1230-39:10/1240-49:9/1150+:1/3XP:47/47FFP: 232
32.Rashard MendenhallXPIT2010RB231.5Att: 324Yds: 1273TD: 13Fum: 2Rec: 23Yds: 167TD: 0Fum: 0
33.Arizona CardinalsXARI2010DST231.0Solo:895Asst:196Sck:33Sfty:0Pdef:85Int:17TD:7FF:13
34.Matt SchaubXHOU2010QB230.5C/A: 365/574Yds: 4370TD: 24Int: 12Att: 22Yds: 28TD: 0Fum: 2
35.San Diego ChargersXSD2010DST229.0Solo:767Asst:175Sck:47Sfty:1Pdef:79Int:16TD:3FF:11
36.Philadelphia EaglesXPHI2010DST228.0Solo:776Asst:124Sck:39Sfty:0Pdef:94Int:23TD:2FF:11
37.Reggie WayneXIND2010WR226.0Rec: 111Yds: 1355TD: 6Fum: 1No rushing stats
38.Calvin JohnsonXDET2010WR224.7Rec: 77Yds: 1120TD: 12Fum: 1Att: 4Yds: 32TD: 0Fum: 0
39.Joe FlaccoXBAL2010QB223.1C/A: 306/489Yds: 3622TD: 25Int: 10Att: 43Yds: 84TD: 1Fum: 2
40.Dallas CowboysXDAL2010DST222.0Solo:777Asst:196Sck:36Sfty:0Pdef:74Int:20TD:4FF:14
41.Michael TurnerXATL2010RB221.6Att: 334Yds: 1371TD: 12Fum: 2Rec: 12Yds: 85TD: 0Fum: 0
42.David GarrardXJAX2010QB221.0C/A: 236/366Yds: 2734TD: 23Int: 15Att: 66Yds: 279TD: 5Fum: 5
43.Steven JacksonXSTL2010RB220.4Att: 330Yds: 1241TD: 6Fum: 1Rec: 46Yds: 383TD: 0Fum: 0
44.Maurice Jones-DrewXJAX2010RB220.1Att: 299Yds: 1324TD: 5Fum: 2Rec: 34Yds: 317TD: 2Fum: 0
45.Ahmad BradshawXNYG2010RB219.4Att: 276Yds: 1235TD: 8Fum: 7Rec: 47Yds: 314TD: 0Fum: 0
46.Mike WallaceXPIT2010WR218.6Rec: 60Yds: 1257TD: 10Fum: 1Att: 5Yds: 39TD: 0Fum: 0
47.Carson PalmerXCIN2010QB217.3C/A: 362/586Yds: 3970TD: 26Int: 20Att: 32Yds: 50TD: 0Fum: 4
48.Matt CasselXKC2010QB216.4C/A: 262/450Yds: 3116TD: 27Int: 7Att: 33Yds: 125TD: 0Fum: 1
49.Jay CutlerXCHI2010QB213.3C/A: 261/432Yds: 3274TD: 23Int: 16Att: 50Yds: 232TD: 1Fum: 1
50.Josh BrownXSTL2010K213.0FG:33/390-19:0/020-29:11/1230-39:12/1440-49:7/950+:3/4XP:26/27FFP: 213


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